Municipal Court
Municipal Court Objectives 
Utica Municipal Court by statute to hear and dispose of misdemeanor offenses, traffic and parking violations, and municipal ordinance violations. Additionally, the court conducts preliminary hearings for felonies charged within the corporate limits of the municipality. Most cases heard in municipal courts involve misdemeanor and traffic offenses which, when considering the issue of seriousness and severity of punishment in comparison to felonies, are minor offenses. 
Utica's Municipal court is, in effect, a mirror of society and how society provides a tribunal of justice for its people. Utica's Municipal courts reflect the integrity of the municipal government, and, consequently, should be of major importance to the governing authorities

Utica Municipal Court is located at 110 White Oak Street, Utica, Mississippi.

Ticket violations can be paid at the Town Hall Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Payments can be mailed to Att: Utica Municipal Court,  P.O. Box 335. Utica, MS 39175. (Please Note your Ticket Number with your payment.)  

Judge Johnny McDaniels

Municipal Court

  Mel Breeden, Esq.

Municipal Court Prosecutor