Police Department
Mission Statement
The mission of the Utica Police Department is to enhance the quality of life, ensure the safety, and the security of citizens of the Town of Utica through community policing by strong community partnership and excellence policing.
Our vision is a safe close-knit community where the police and citizens can unite together so that we are able to ensure a safe town, community, and neighborhoods.



  • We exercise our authority in an honest, open and fair manner.
  • We execute authority in no-bias ways, by being honest, fair, and transparent.
  • We take responsibility for our actions so that the department can develop and manage a reputation as being trustworthy and accountable..


  • We render services to the community non-partisans ways. 
  • We demonstrate an immense amount of gratitude for dignity, diversity, citizens, and upholding the laws of the Town of Utica and the State of Mississippi. 
  • We develop a conducive work environment amongst colleagues and mutual trust environment between our citizens.



  • We employ public resources wisely and properly.
  • We provide efficient, competent and excellent service.
  • We set high standards of achievement and accountability both individually and collectively.